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    Compliance in ALIS(16)

  1. How do I change the completion order of a compliance item?
  2. When I try to open a document in ALIS, nothing happens. What should I do?
  3. Compliance in ALIS Explained
  4. While updating a compliance item my ALIS session timed out, can you recover the information I entered?
  5. The contact fields on the compliance form are not filling properly, what should I do?
  6. Creating New Compliance Items
  7. Updating Resident Assessments and Service Plans
  8. Updating a Compliance Item
  9. Can I delete a compliance item that was wrongly uploaded?
  10. How do I save a pre-populated form to my computer?
  11. How do I mark a compliance item as “in cabinet”?
  12. How do I transfer uploaded compliance documents when a resident transfers buildings?
  13. Compliance Drag and Drop
  14. Transferring Resident Compliance
  15. How to upload a compliance item that is scanned
  16. How do I bulk print a compliance item for all residents?

    Electronic Signatures(1)

  1. Electronic Signatures for compliance documents and incidents in ALIS

    NY Personal Data Sheet(1)

  1. How to fill out the NY Personal Data Sheet (DSS-2949) using ALIS Compliance