All Residents Help

    Associated Contacts(2)

  1. How do I edit associated/community contacts?
  2. Adding Community Contacts


  1. Applying Payments and Credits to an Invoice
  2. Billing Settings Configuration
  3. Adding Payments or Credits to a Resident Billing Account
  4. Resident Billing Configuration
  5. Deleting Billing Items and Invoices
  6. Add Incidental Charges from the Dashboard
  7. Add an Incidental Charge from the Resident Profile
  8. How to enter Bulk Payments
  9. Adding a security deposit to a resident’s billing profile
  10. Display Previous Outstanding Balances on Unpaid Invoices
  11. Add a billing day to display on invoices
  12. Adding a default Financially Responsible contact for a Resident
  13. Recurring Discounts
  14. Statements
  15. How to Add Incidental Charges in Bulk
  16. Setup of Lease Management
  17. Using the Lease Center
  18. How to verify all resident payers are setup correctly
  19. How to add Billing Items in ALIS

    Care Plan(4)

  1. How do I print a care plan for one resident?
  2. How do I print care plans for all residents?
  3. How do I schedule a care item to occur once per month?
  4. How to create an Observation when a Care Plan is published

    Move a Resident Out(3)

  1. How do I create move out reasons and destinations?
  2. Moving a Resident Out of ALIS
  3. How do I change the move out date for a resident?

    New Residents(4)

  1. How do I add residents to ALIS?
  2. Getting Started with ALIS
  3. Prospect to Resident Workflow
  4. Bulk Add Residents to ALIS


  1. How do I create “On-leave” reasons and destinations?
  2. How do I mark a resident On Leave?

    Personal Contacts(3)

  1. How do I make sure the correct contact shows up on a resident’s compliance form?
  2. Adding Personal Contacts to a Resident Profile
  3. How to edit Community or Personal Contacts in bulk


  1. How do I view observations for residents who have moved out?
  2. Resident Report Card
  3. How do I upload resident photos?
  4. How do I add insurance information?
  5. Resident Snapshot
  6. Scrolling resident information
  7. How do I determine the completion of ALIS resident profiles?

    Readmit a Resident(1)

  1. Readmitting a Resident


  1. How to work with the NY State DSS 3026 report in ALIS
  2. How do I create filters to sort ALIS reports in Excel?
  3. How do I determine the completion of ALIS resident profiles?
  4. How to verify all resident payers are setup correctly
  5. ALIS Insights: How to set up your TALs for Durable Medical Equipment Inventory

    Resident Evaluation Tool(2)

  1. How do I print blank RETs?
  2. Overriding Care Points for RET Questions

    Resident Transfer(1)

  1. Transferring a Resident