Compliance Drag and Drop

For: Administrators

The ALIS Compliance Drag and Drop Feature makes it much easier to upload files from your computer.

Using the Drag and Drop Feature

  1. Open up your file folder. If you use Windows 8, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and hit the right or left arrow, it will put your current window to that side of the screen. Then take your file folder and do the same thing to move it to the other side of the screen. This way you can drag and drop easily.unnamed
  2. Click and hold on the file and drag it over to the compliance item name in ALIS. As you drag over the line item, it will highlight in light pink.
  3. Let go and the compliance item will highlight in light blue and the “Status” will change to “Pending”.
  4. Continue to drag and drop more files as necessary.
  5. Set the expiration date for the items individually.draganddrop2
  6. Select the “Update” button on the line item, or select the “Update All” at the bottom of the Compliance section.
  7. The status for each document you uploaded will read “Completed”.
  8. If you made a mistake and need to cancel a pending file, select “Cancel” or “Cancel All” as necessary.draganddropcancel

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