Create Mailing Labels for Resident Contacts

This guide teaches how we can use the Contacts report to create a Mailing Label document that you can easily print names and addresses to label paper

  1. Click on and Save this template file to your computer in MS Word file format.
  2. Access the Contacts report in ALIS by opening the Reports page and finding Contacts under the Resident Reports section.
  3. Update the report filters as needed to view only the Contacts you are trying to print. (For example, update the Contact Preference filter to just show people who prefer “Email & Mail” and “Mail”).
  4. Click the Refresh to apply your filters.
  5. Click the Generate Mailing Labels button.
  6. Click Browse to upload the Template file from Step 1.
  7. Click Generate Mailing Labels button and Save the file to your computer. This document will be ideal for printing on your label paper!

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