ALIS Medications: Explanation of Drug Unit of Measurement Options

We have a list of 156 available Drug Units of Measurement available for entry when configuring Routine and PRN Medications in ALIS. Below is the full list of abbreviations you can find in the Drug Unit of Measurement field when adding or editing Medications/PRNs, accompanied by descriptions of what each abbreviation means.

Abbreviation: Description

AERM: Aerosol Metered-Dose

AERO: Aerosol

AERP: Aerosol Powder

AERS: Aerosol Solution

AERW: Aerosol without Propellants

APPLICATOR: Applicator

BAR: Bar

BEAD: Beads

BOLS: Bolus

BOTTLE: Bottle

CAN: Can

CAPS: Capsule

CAPT: Caplet

CARTON: Carton

CC: Cubic Centimeters

CHEW: Chewable Tablet

CODE: Code (Example: Using a Routine Medication as a reminder to check vitals, change alarm batteries, administer treatments)

CONC: Concentrate

CORD: Cord

CPCD: Capsule controlled delivery

CPCR: Capsule Extended Release (ER)

CPDR: Capsule Delayed Release

CPEC: EC Cap (Obsolete)

CPEP: Capsule Delayed Release (DR) Particles

CPSR: Capsule Sustained-Release

CREA: Cream

CRYS: Crystal

DCHE: Douche (Obsolete)

DCHS: Douche Solution (Obsolete)

DCSR: Disk Sustained-Release

DEVI: Device

DOSAGE: Dosage

DPCR: digital PCR (polymerase-chain-reaction) (not often used)

DPHR: Diaphragm

DRES: Dressing

DRGP: Drug premix

DROP: Drops

ELIX: Elixir

EMUL: Emulsion

ENEM: Enema

EXTR: Fluid Extract

FILM: Film

FLSS: Floss

FOAM: Foam

GAS: Gas

GEL: Gel

GELC: Gel Extended-Release

GLBL: Globules

GRAM: Grams

G: Grams

GM: Grams

GRAN: Granules

GUM: Gum

IMPL: Implant

INCHES: Inches

INHA: Inhaler

INJ: Injectable

INST: Insert

INSE: Insert extended release

IU: International Units

IUD: Intra-Uterine-Device

KIT: Kit

LEAF: Leaf/Leaves

LIPO: Liposomal

LIQD: Liquid

LQCR: Liquid Extended Release

L: Liter

LOTN: Lotion

LOZG: Lozenge

MDPP: Metered-Dose

MCG: Microgram

MEQ: Milliequivalent

MG: Milligram

ML: Milliliter

MISC: Miscellaneous

MIST: Mist

MOWH: Mouthwash/Gargle

NEBU: Nebulizer

OCSY: Ocular System (Obsolete)

OIL: Oil

OINT: Ointment

OZ: Ounce(s)

OVLS: Ovules

PACK: Pack

PACKET: Packet

PADS: Pads

PAGE: Page

PSTE: Paste

PATCH: Patch

PT72: Patch 72 Hour

PLLT: Pellet

PELT: Pelt


PLCB: Placebo

PLST: Plaster

POWD: Powder

POEF: Powder Effervescent

POWS: Powder for Solution

POWP: Powder for Suspension

POWR: Powder for suspension sustained release

PUFF: Puff

RING: Ring

SACT: Sachet

SEED: Seeds

SMAN: Shampoo

SOAP: Soap

SOLA: Solution Extended Release Long-Acting

SOLN: Solution

SOLR: Solution Reconstituted

SPNG: Sponge

SPRAY: Spray

STCK: Stick

STRIP: Strip

SUBL: Tablet Sublingual

SUPP: Suppository

SUSL: Suspension (lente) (Example: Insulin zinc suspension)

SUSP: Suspension

SUSR: Suspension Reconstituted

SUSY: Suspension Prefilled Syringe

SUUL: Suspension (ultra-lente)

SWAB: Swab

SYRINGE: Syringe

SYRP: Syrup

SYSR: Syrup Extended-Release

TABS: Tablet

TAPE: Tape

TASR: Tablet Sustained Release

TB12: Tablet Extended Release (ER) 12 Hour

TB24: Tablet Extended Release (ER) 24 Hour

TBCR: Tablet Extended Release (ER)

TBDA: Tablet delayed release

TBDP: Tablet Dispersible

TBDR: Tablet Delayed Release (Obsolete)

TBEC: Tablet Delayed Release

TBEC: Tablet enteric-coated

TBEF: Tablet Effervescent

TBEF: Tablet, effervescent

TBFC: Tablet film-coated

TBFR: Tablet, Film-coated, Controlled

TBRD: Tablet Rapid Dissolving

TBSP: Tablespoon

TBSR: Tablet slow release

TDSY: Transdermal System

TEAH: Tea Herbal

TEST: Diagnostic Test

THICK LAYER: Thick Layer

THIN LAYER: Thin Layer

TINC: Tincture

TOPT: Toothpaste

TROC: Troche

TSPS: Teaspoons

UNIT: Unit

VIAL: Vial

WAFR: Wafer

WHIP: Whip (Obsolete)

WIPE: Wipe

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