Edit or Delete Wrongly Entered Vitals

A staff member with the Company or Community Administrator security role in ALIS has access to edit or delete incorrectly recorded vital values.

  1. Select “Medications” and “Manage Orders”editvitalmanageorders
  2. Select the resident whose vital entry needs to be edited or deleted and click “Manage Orders”manageorderseditvital
  3. Select the “Vitals” tabvitaltabmanageedit
  4. For the Vital type you need to make an edit or deletion, select “View Past Vitals”viewpastedit
  5. The historical data will slide down and to the right of the data which needs to be edited or deleted, select “Options” and “Edit” or “Delete”editvitalordelete
  6. When editing, make the adjustments and click “Submit”editvitalrecording
  7. To delete a vital recording, select “Options” and “Delete”. A modal will pop up asking you if you are sure you want to delete the recording, and select “Yes”

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