Guide to ALIS Prospects and Referral Sources

Welcome to the complete guide to all things ALIS Prospects!
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Adding and Managing Prospect Profiles

Converting Prospects to Residents

Referral Sources

Tasks: Assigning and Completing Sales-Related Tasks for Prospects and Referral Sources

Bulk Completion of Tasks

Overview of Reports


Adding and Managing Prospect Profiles

First, click the Prospects menu from the top of your ALIS screen, and click Prospects.

Add a Prospect

Please note that prospects must be added to the correct community within ALIS, and may not be transferred to other ALIS communities until the prospect is moved in as a resident. If your organization has multiple communities, make sure that the community selector at the top right is correct for the prospect.

  1. Click the +Create New Prospect button
  2. Here we must fill in a small number of required fields, and we can add details about the prospective resident and their main contact.
  3. Required are the Inquiry Date (this defaults to today’s date and can be edited), the Prospect Source (this is either a general description of how we received the prospect, or a specific Referral Source contact managed in ALIS), and a minimum of either the main contact’s first name or organization name, or prospect’s first name. All of these details can be updated in the future once more information is gathered! Click the Save button at the bottom right to create the prospect.
  4. Once that basic information is saved, you will land on your new prospect’s profile page. Here you can edit any existing details, add more of the prospect’s personal and professional contacts, add tasks, notes, health and move-in details, and add compliance documents. Scroll down the page to notice the organization of these sections within the prospect’s profile. If the prospect moves into your community, these details will all flow to the clinical profile within ALIS!

Organizing and viewing prospect detail and status

  1. The Prospects tab allows us to find details of any active prospect, prospects who have been converted to residents in ALIS, and filter the records to view specific groups of prospects.
  2. Review the search bar and filters within the Prospects tab. Use the search bar to begin typing the prospect’s name or their contact’s name, or select one of the menus to narrow the list of all prospects. Notice the checkboxes toward the right— the Hide Converted checkbox is checked by default, so you will not see anyone who has already been converted to a resident in ALIS. If you want to look at these converted prospect records, uncheck this box.
  3. Once you find a prospect for whom you want to read or update details, click either the prospect’s name or the View Prospect button on the right. These will take you to to the prospect’s profile page described in the above section of this guide. If you want to update about the prospect contact only, click the contact’s name.
  4. On the list of residents, you can click the checkboxes for each row on the left, and use the Bulk Edit button at the top left of the table to update the prospects’ Stage or Sales Agent for one or multiple records in one click.

Converting Prospects to Residents

The ability to convert a prospect profile to become a resident profile in ALIS depends on the prospect Stage. Only prospects within specific stages can be received and converted to resident profiles within the All Residents page managed by the administrative and clinical teams at the building.

  1. Review the Stages that allow the conversion. This information can be viewed and edited in Prospect Settings for those with Administrator permissions. If you do not have this access, contact your Administrator or ALIS Support for help. The default Stages allowed to convert are: Closed Out, Deposit Received, Needs Assessment, and Sold.
  2. Verify the prospect Stage from main page of the Prospects tab in the Stage & Source column. To update the Stage from here, click the checkboxes to the right of the prospect (or multiple prospects) and then click the Bulk Edit button at the top left of the table. You can also click the prospect’s name or click View Prospect to the right in order to edit the Stage near the top left of the prospect profile page.
  3. If the prospect’s stage qualifies for the conversion, their name will appear in the Incoming tab on All Residents. From here, the clinical team can convert them to an Applicant, and then a Current Resident when they move in. 
  4. On the Prospects tab, converted prospects are not shown by default. To view these prospect records, click to uncheck the Hide Converted checkbox near the top right of the table.

Referral Sources

Referral Sources are our lead-generating contacts. These individuals are categorized by Referral Organization, which are categorized by Referral Type. We can assign tasks for these contacts to the sales team.

Within the Referral Sources tab, we can view, add, and edit Active or Disabled contacts, Export to Excel the contact details, and create tasks.

  1. For adding new contacts, use the +Create Referral Source button. For each referral source contact, we must designate a Contact Type from the list in ALIS. This is typically an exhaustive list, but please contact ALIS Support if you need more options in this list. We must also create the contact within a referral organization, which can be added at the same time as the contact if it does not already exist in ALIS.
  2. To create tasks for staff, use the +Create Task button to the right of the referral source on the table. You can also create tasks for staff on the contact’s profile page, which is accessed by clicking the name of the referral source. Here we can also edit any details about the referral source and add notes.

Within the Referral Organizations tab, we can manage our Referral Sources by the organization they associate with, and categorize these organizations by type. Using this tab is similar to managing an address book.

  1. If you have been adding referral organizations in the process of adding referral sources, you may have noticed the Referral Type list. If you need to add more of these types, use the +Create Referral Type within this tab.
  2. Click to expand the referral types displaying in the table to see the contact details of organizations that have already been added. Organizations can be added here as well using the +Create Organization button.

Tasks: Assigning and Completing Sales-Related Tasks for Prospects and Referral Sources

Prospects Tasks allows us to track and generate reports about sales activity. These tasks are created for specific resident prospects or referral sources, and assigned to your sales staff for documentation of completion. Within the Tasks tab, we can view all tasks due dates in the future, or tasks which have expired with no documented completion.

  1. Access Tasks using the Prospects menu at the top of your ALIS page, or if you are already looking at the Prospects or Referral tabs, click the leftmost tab labeled Tasks.
  2. Within Tasks, click the +New Task button to create a new task.
    • You can also create tasks right from a Prospect’s details page, or if you are looking at the Prospects tab, there are +Create New Task links under the Assignee & Tasks column for each prospect.
    • In the Referral Sources tab, we also have +Create Task buttons for each Referral Source record.
  3. We can assign these tasks to ourselves or to other members of the sales team.
  4. Within the Tasks tab, use the main table to click Mark Complete or Edit on any pending tasks. When you Complete a task, the details you record will save on either the prospect’s profile or referral source’s profile. Use the >Show More link below the Mark Complete button to display notes about the task and details about the contact.
  5. The top of the table allows us to filter pending tasks by Type of task, Sales Agent assigned to the tasks, and whether the tasks are created for prospects or referral sources. The Print option can generate a handy agenda document for yourself or your team!
  6. The options for Task Type and Task Outcome are managed in Prospect Settings for those with Administrator permissions. If you do not have this access, contact your Administrator or ALIS Support to help you update these options.
  7. Check out the Community Snapshot on the right to view up-to-date information about leasing availability at the building and other occupancy statistics.
  8. To reassign tasks in bulk from one staff member to another, this is done from the staff member’s profile page.

Bulk Completion of Tasks

If you have completed a task that applies to groups of prospects or referral sources, we can record this in bulk from either the Prospects or Referral Sources tab.

  • Update any filters to help you select the group of individuals for whom you want to record the task.
  • Click the checkbox at the top left of the table to select all contacts shown on the table. Use the checkboxes below to deselect or select any you mean to exclude or include in the task record.
  • Click the Record Mass Task button above the table toward the left. This opens the Create Task pane from the right side of your screen for you to fill out the details and outcome of the task.

Overview of Reports

The Prospect Generation Statistics report gives us lists of prospects organized by their Prospect Source, with the added ability to look at prospects generated by specific Referral Sources, or those Referral Sources filtered by Referral Organization (group of Referral Sources) or Referral Type (group of Referral Organizations).

The Prospect Move in Statistics report is very similar to the above, but shows data only for those Prospect profiles that have been converted to Resident profiles in ALIS within the filtered date range.

The Prospect Contacts, Prospect Details, and Referral Source Details reports provide contact information, the latter two filtered by date of creation in ALIS. These can all be exported to a mail merge template to create mailing labels! Check out this article for mail merge instructions.


What are Prospect Stages, Scores, Sources? How do I edit the options for these?

Prospect Stage This describes the stage of the sales cycle for the prospect after a specific point of contact. This helps us see if the person is determined qualified to live at the community, ready to have a formal clinical assessment, has already paid a deposit, etc. This also tells us if we should end efforts to contact the prospect, perhaps because they went with a competitor or are otherwise unqualified to move in.

Prospect Score This describes the likelihood that a prospect will move in to your community. The options are always Hot, Warm, and Cold, and this label is meant to be used in combination with the Prospect Stage.

Prospect Source This can be a general description of how the lead was added to the communities prospects, or it can be a specific Referral Source contact.

The options for these are all updated  within Prospect Settings, and you can add Referral Sources within the Referral Sources tab within Prospects. If you can’t access your Prospect Settings page, contact your Administrator or ALIS Support for help!

How can I clone or duplicate a Prospect record?

This is often done to accommodate couples who are looking for a place to live together. In this scenario, it is likely that you may want to collect the details of both individuals on one prospect profile, but if both people decide to move into your community, they need their own clinical profiles. We can use the Duplicate button to create the second Prospect profile.

This will duplicate all of the personal details, contacts, and pending tasks on the original Prospect profile. At minimum, it will be necessary to update the name of the new prospect after duplicating it from another.

How can I reassign tasks in bulk from one staff member to another?

Navigate the staff profile of the person who is currently assigned the prospects and tasks. Under their photo, click the button Reassign Prospects. This will create a pop up for us to indicate to which staff member we want to assign the prospects, and give the option to also reassign tasks.

How can I print mailing labels for Prospects?

Click here for a detailed guide for printing labels for Prospects!


We can assign staff members to the Prospects Alerts Category to receive a notification within the Alert Center on the ALIS Dashboard or in an email. By default this category contains four alerts:

It is possible for us to customize this category to send a notification for only some (not all) of the above events if your team prefers!

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