How to configure Signature Titles on Physician Orders

For: Administrators

You can choose to have up to 4 signature lines on the Physician Orders sheet. These signature will appear near the bottom of every page, except for the first page which is a resident cover sheet.

  1. Click on the “Settings” hyperlink
  2. Select “Medication Settings”
  3. Scroll to “Signature Lines”
  4. “Physician” and “Nurse” are the defaults
  5. You can choose to select “Options” and  “Disable” for either of these
  6. To add a signature title, select “Create Signature Line”
  7. A modal will pop up in which you can enter the signature title into the text field, then select “Done”
  8. If you need to edit any of the custom titles, select “Options” and “Edit”

Note: The signature titles will appear on the Physician Orders page based on the order they are configured on the Medication Settings page. You can click, hold and drag these titles in a different order.

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