Creating a Login and Password for Your Staff

For: Administrators

Once you have added your staff members in ALIS, you will need to enable logins for each person so that they are able to use ALIS.  By default, ALIS creates a username for each staff member using first and last names.  For example, the username for Mary Adams will be mary.adams.

Note: The usernames in ALIS have to be unique, so if there is already a Mary Adams in ALIS,  a number will be automatically added to the end of Mary’s username, e.g. mary.adams7812. The usernames are customizable though, so you will be able to choose almost any name you want!

To create a password for each staff member follow these steps:

First, access the staff member’s profile in ALIS.

  • You can find the profile on the All Staff page, which can be accessed from the dashboard by clicking on the Staff icon, or from anywhere in the app, click on the Staff menu at the top and then All Staff.
  • Alternatively, if you start typing the staff member’s name in the Search bar at the top right of any page, their name will appear for you to click on.
  1. On the staff profile under the section titled Staff Profile, click on the second blue bar, titled Login & Access.  Where it says Login Status, you may need to click ‘Enabled’ if this is not already done. If the login is enabled, you will notice that ALIS has already created a username, which can be edited by clicking the pencil next to the username. 
  2. To set a password so that you can login, click the Set Password button. This gives you the options Automatically and Manually. 
  3. If you choose Automatically, this means an auto-generated secret password will be sent to the staff member. You will be prompted to choose whether the staff member will receive their password in an email or text message. Select one and then type in the email address or phone number where the staff can find their password. Click Submit to send the password. 
  4. If you choose Manually, this means you will create a password for them. Type the password twice in the given fields, and you can notice that the password requirements in the red boxes will turn green once they are fulfilled by your password. You can then choose to send the password to the staff member via email or text message. Click Submit to create the password and send it. 

  5. It will be necessary for you to relay the staff member’s username to them, because it will not be included in any emails or text messages that contain their passwords. For information about changing your own password, read this article.



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