How to work with the NY State DSS 3026 report in ALIS

The DSS 3026 is an important report for any community based in NY state, and ALIS has this report built right in!

This guide will help you understand how the actions you carry out in ALIS on a daily basis affect the information in this report.

  • Resident added to ALIS: When a resident is added to ALIS, you can specify their date of arrival in the “Move In Information” section of their profile page. This is the date that will show up in the “Date” column of the DSS 3026 report, for residents that were admitted in the selected date range.
  • Resident moved out of ALIS: When you move out a resident in ALIS (using the “Move Out” button on their profile), you are taken through a short workflow to ensure you’re aware of the impact of moving the resident out. The date that you complete this workflow is the date that will be shown in the “Date” column of the DSS 3026 report for residents that were discharged in the selected date range. This date cannot currently be changed, so you need to make sure you complete the move out workflow on the day the resident moves out of your community.
  • Classification change: Any time you change a resident’s classification (in the “Classification” drop down on the resident profile page), ALIS interprets this (per NY state regulations) as a discharge from the old classification and an admission to the new classification. The date that the classification change was saved is the date that will show up in the “Date” column on the DSS 3026.

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