ALIS Insights: How to set up your TALs for Durable Medical Equipment Inventory

For: Administrators

What are TALs?

  • Transportation Assistance Levels, or TALs, indicate Residents’ ambulation abilities and needs in your Community
  • You should only have one TAL per each Resident, for better reporting

What each TAL represents 

  • TAL 1 is for Residents who are Non-ambulatory and/or Bedridden
  • TAL 2 is for Residents who use a Wheelchair
  • TAL 3 is for Residents who are Ambulatory

How to configure the correct TAL

Select the correct Ambulation list item in the Health Profile section of the Resident Profile to configure TALs 1 and 3 for your Resident.

  • TAL 1: check the Non-Ambulatory AND/OR Bedridden boxes
  • TAL 3: check the Ambulatory box

To configure TAL 2, check the Wheelchair box in the Assistive/Adaptive Devices section.

How to configure DMEs for this report

Durable Medical Equipment displays at the top of this Insights report, and this information is also very easy to configure on the Resident Profile. Select from the appropriate lists for Assistive/Adaptive Devices in the Health Profile.

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