Mapping Pharmacy Messages

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This guide overviews how we can replace an existing order on a resident’s MAR with a new message we have received from the pharmacy. Doing this prevents the creation of duplicate orders on a MAR, and allows us to connect the most recent order in the pharmacy’s system to the MAR in ALIS.

Mapping a pharmacy message results in the order message replacing a current order on the MAR. Once the mapping is processed, the existing order is discontinued and replaced by the most current order sent by the pharmacy.

How to Map a Pharmacy Message

  1. Find the order message you need to map, and click the Process button.
  2. Near the top of the page under the resident information, click Map to Existing Schedule. This makes available a dropdown menu to the right. In this menu, we have all the resident’s existing orders of that type (whether routine or PRN medication) that are currently on their MAR. Select the order we want to map.
  3. This will now give us a panel on the right side of the screen titled Existing Order. This is where we can see the details of the order we are replacing. It is a good idea to click the button Use Data near the top, so that any information added on that current order will be part of the order ware replacing it with.
  4. A good way to think about it is that the main part of your screen is the order the pharmacy has, and we are using this to replace the order showing on the right panel. We need the info in the main part of the screen to be filled out so that the MAR reflects all the necessary information about this order.
  5. Once you have confirmed the information on the main center section of the screen is complete, click the green Process Order button at the bottom right.

Once this is processed, the order is no longer displaying on the Pharmacies page in ALIS, and the resident’s MAR now reflects a version of the order most recently updated by the pharmacy, and we have prevented duplicates!

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