Medication Changes Report

The Medication Changes Report is used to review changes to resident orders made manually from the Manage Orders page. In addition, this report captures resident medical allergies updated in the ALIS Health Profile.

To access the report, go to Reports and click Medication Changes in the Medication Reports section.

We specifically capture these event types in the report:

  • Allergies Updated in the resident Health Profile section (this could also occur during a Resident Evaluation)
  • Medication Created manually from Manage Orders
  • Medication Deleted manually from Manage Orders
  • Medication Details Updated manually from Manage Orders (includes updates to Route and Instructions)
  • Medication Discontinued manually from Manage Orders
  • Medication Schedule Updated from Manage Orders (includes updates to Frequency, Time, and Dose)

This can be used by clinical leadership to audit changes staff are making manually to a resident’s order details, and this is especially useful if there exists a pharmacy integration in ALIS.

  • If the updates to resident orders are not occurring in the Pharmacies page (which are not captured in this report), it is important to review updates that manually occurred and communicate these details to the pharmacy team.
  • You can choose to print a PDF of the report or export it to Excel, and we can also email this directly to the pharmacy team directly from ALIS!

To set up the emails to pharmacy staff, we add their email addresses to the Pharmacy Settings page in ALIS. If you do not have access to this, contact your ALIS Onboarding Manager or ALIS Support to add them. Follow these steps to add them yourself:

  1. In Settings>Pharmacy, we have a list of all pharmacy integrations.
  2. Click Options>Edit for the Pharmacy Connection associated with your community.
  3. This opens a pane from the right to edit settings, and the one setting we want to change is toward the bottom, called Daily Med Change Emails.
  4. Once we set this to Yes, we will have a box to paste our pharmacy staff’s email addresses separated each by comma.
  5. The recipients must be able to log into ALIS in order to see the details of the med changes. The email will not contain any resident or order details. Make sure you create each person as a staff member in ALIS.
  6. Click Save Connection to complete the set up. The email addresses will receive one email in the morning each day going forward that includes items captured in the Medication Change Report.

When the recipients get the daily email, it doesn’t show critical information within the email. They see the number of changes and have a link to access the report by logging into ALIS. Here is an example of the email:

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