Navigating the ALIS Settings Page

For: Administrators

The Settings page can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. For that reason your implementation manager does all they can to take care of the tasks in this area. That said, there are a few things that you can definitely take care of on your own. If you see something in the settings that isn’t listed below, that likely means your implementation manager will take care of it or discuss it with you.

  1. Login to ALIS
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click on any on of the settings options and start personalizing your ALIS installation!

 Resident Settings

  • Configure your incident types
  • Configure move out reasons and destinations
  • Add resident classifications such as AL or Memory Care
  • Configure On Leave Reasons and Destinations (If you have more than one community you can also do this under the Company Settings, this way you only have to configure these once and they will apply to all of your communities)
  • Configure Resident Observation Types

Medication Settings

  • Determine your med pass time frames
  • Determine how far back in time you want to be able to update medications
  • Set the “Medication Passing Variance Threshold”
  • Configure your Med Carts

 Community Settings

  • Configure your room types such as ‘Suite’ or ‘Single’ – talk to your implementation manager and they will help configure your room numbers

Alert Settings

  • Configure and customize the alert categories already set up in ALIS

Prospect Settings

  • Create Prospect Sources
  • Create Prospect Stages
  • Configure Referral Types and Organizations
  • Create Prospect Task types

 Billing Settings

  • Determine your Billing Preferences
  • Configure you Billing Plans
  • Configure your Billing Items

 Care Settings

  • Determine your care planning options

Company Settings

  • Configure On Leave reasons and destinations
  • Configure Observation Types

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