Nurse-Only Orders

We can set individual Routine Medications, PRNs, and Treatments to be documented administered by Nurses Only. This requires us to audit the orders that need this setting, and to be aware of our teams’ Security Roles.

You can start by auditing all orders in the Medication List Report. Here you can most easily audit by clicking the Export to Excel option and highlight the orders you need to set as Nurse Only. This report gives us a filter for the Service Level, which will help us see if any orders have already been set to Nurse Only.

Set Nurse Only for orders:

To turn this on for an existing order, go to Manage Orders for the resident and use the Edit button to the far right of the order. Look toward the right part of the screen to Service Level. If Administer is selected, you can click the Nurse Only checkbox below.

If you are processing an order from the Pharmacies page or adding a new order in Manage Orders, you will see this Nurse Only option in the Service Level section.

Setting this for your orders will put them in a separate section on a resident’s Record Med Pass page.

Orders with Vitals checks

  • All Pass Med staff will be able to document the vitals on the orders, they just won’t be able to document the order as ‘Passed’, ‘Refused’, etc.
  • This allows the Nurse to log in to ALIS and see the vitals record taken by earlier staff and simply document the outcome as shown above.
  • The Nurse’s initials will be stamped on the MAR for this order and only their name will show on reports detailing order administration.

Nurse Security Role

  • With default settings, anyone with the Nurse or Administrator Security Roles will have access to document on these meds in the med pass. If you are unsure whether your Security Roles for Nurses and other staff are correct, contact ALIS Support for help.
  • Other staff who can access Pass Meds will be able to see these orders, but they won’t have the buttons to document whether the order was passed. If there is a vitals check required, they can still document the vitals record.

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