Luck of the Irish

Top of the Morning to Ya!  Bonus Mini Update.


Possible Slight Slow Down


-This release should not cause any downtime but may result in ALIS being slightly slower than normal for 30 minutes on Sunday night.


Alert Center


-Small updates here to reduce noise – you won’t see everyone else that received the same alert and you can bulk mark your alerts as read.

Product Type Updates


-Product Type will now display on Facesheet as “Care Type”

-Filter by Product type when bulk printing blank or filled MARS!

-Filter by Product type when printing care tracking sheets!


All Resident Page


-The Print Residents feature will now honor all filters so grab your list of Off Premise or MC residents with ease.

-BULK PRINT FACESHEETS – you can do this for your whole community or narrow your list using the filters and just print those! No blarney here!

-The move-out tab got a date filter range.

-A filter for Classification has been added.


Contact Preferences


-Track Contact Preferences: Under each contact type (community or personal) you can now set a “Contact Preference” so you can now see how your contacts would like to receive notifications.

-27 New Contact Types!  Including Urologist, Palliative Care, Referral Source, Ophthalmologist, and Audiologist.


RET User Friendly Enhancements


-When completing an assessment you will now have a new “Complete Evaluation” button – when you click it you will have an OPTION to either Sign that evaluation or go directly to the service plan.

-Similarly when you complete the service plan you will have an option to Sign OR Commit & Review Care Plan

-You now have a choice to mark completed evaluations as In Cabinet if you are not signing electronically.

-A few updates to the RET cover page – “Evaluation of:” has been switched to “Resident; Date of Birth is displayed; Vaccines will show if status is “unspecified” and will reflect date and denial reason; dentures and hearing aid information will display; and there is a new “Normal” checkbox that will display for vision.

-Mark signatures as optional on a community level or resident level.


Custom Care Updates


-Does your community use custom care charting options?  Easily visualize trends through the updated filled care tracking sheets which will display the custom outcome recorded as well as a key at the bottom – very helpful for surveyors.

-Also helpful for your meal and hydration tracking!


New Move In Report


-To compliment the new Move Out report you now have a new Move In Report with more great information.


The next scheduled release is April 16, 2018  

Email our team at; we’re always happy to help.