ALIS Release 4.3.0

Improved Pharmacy Workflow and More Functionality for Billing Credits


ALIS arrives on Monday! Going Live on January 28, 2019 at 12am CST.

This release will not result in downtime, but you may experience some slowness in the afternoon as it occurs.


Reminder! We recommend using Google Chrome for ALIS. This is especially important for the newer billing features. Other browsers will not work as well.


Pharmacy Processing Updates!

-Now you can process orders from a resident-focused page for a more efficient experience
-View the resident’s current orders, access their MAR, and view history from one page!
-You can seamlessly try out our new process or maintain your current workflow


Refund Credits

Refund functionality now includes the ability to refund unused credits!

Credits Importer

-New ability to upload credits in bulk
-Similar to bulk incidentals, use an Excel template or add the credits on-screen. These can be applied to invoices from here as well!

Other Upgrades

-We have now updated the Pharmacy Order Mapping function to now maintain any uploaded prescription documents!
-We have added a filter on the Invoices Report so you can sort by Payment Preference. This will help staff to more quickly pull ACH totals
-When setting up your Service Plan after completing an Electronic Evaluation, Goals and Interventions will be auto-selected if there are only one of each. A small change to help speed up this process!

Webinar Video:




The next scheduled release is March 11th, 2019


Our team is always happy to help! Send your comments or questions to

We here at the ALIS team always strive to provide you with the best product while listening to your feedback.

We hope ALIS and all its new features will continue to make running your communities easier than ever.