ALIS Release 3.2


Big Drug Count and Billing Updates

ALIS 3.2 is Going Live on Monday March 5, 2018 at 12am CST.


Notice of ALIS Downtime – Please share with community staff
This release may result in ALIS slowness or downtime lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. Please plan on possible downtime or slowness around approximately 12am CST and inform your staff.  If you have any questions on how to handle this downtime please contact the Support Team at or your account representative. 

Resident Profile and General Updates

  • -New Move Out report with diagnoses
  • -Updated Resident Roster report – better print!
  • -Special characters are allowed in resident names!
  • -Unassign rooms if a mistake is made
  • -Face sheet will now display all contact information for contacts listed (fax, email, etc.)
  • -New editable Staff Timesheet report and Excel export


Drug Count Updates

  • -2nd person authentication
  • -Advanced permission for adjusting and destroying medications
  • -“Quantity on Hand” Report
  • -Faster!


RET and Care Updates

  • -Schedule PRN Care for more than one shift at a time
  • -PRN cares are alphabetized 
  • -Configure up to 10 signatures on the Evaluation and/or Service Plan


Billing Updates

Bulk Feature Updates

  • -Bulk payments –  separate deposits by type
  • -Match up entries to deposits 
  • -Updated Bulk Incidental Template with prepopulated information!


Report Updates

  • -Consolidated A/R reconciliation report
  • -Updated resident ledger report



  • -Based on client feedback, we have updated our references to “Lease” to now be “Residency Agreement” all through ALIS.
  • -Payment modals have been updated to support new payer functionality
  • -Approval Center displays community name

The next scheduled release is April 16, 2018  

Email our team at We’re always happy to help.