ALIS Release 3.4.0

Electronic Evaluations For the Win!

ALIS 3.4.0 is Going Live on Monday May 21, 2018 at 12am CST

Notice of ALIS Downtime – Please share with community staff


This release may result in ALIS slowness or downtime lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. Please plan on possible downtime or slowness around approximately 12am CST and inform your staff.  If you have any questions on how to handle this downtime please contact the Support Team at or your account representative.


Facesheet Updates and Extended Version


-New Defaults: Now by default contacts with the label of Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, and Legal Guardian will display on the top of the Facesheet.

-Option to display ALL Contacts on Facesheet: Now in the “Resident” settings you can choose for the community’s facesheet to display ALL contacts – they will display at the bottom of the current facesheet.

RET Updates

Immediate changes you will notice:

-Updated evaluation report – see a breakdown of your care levels for the community. This can be found in the Evaluation Center under the “All Residents” Tab. Join the webinar to learn more!

-Ability to copy notes from evaluation to service plan and push to care plan

Back end updates available to make your evaluation more efficient: 

-Set default role and location per intervention
-Set default frequency per intervention
-Mark interventions as not needing a schedule, role, and location
-Ability configure sub questions
-Ability to configure question dependencies (e.g. only show memory care questions if triggered by a question)

Contact ALIS Support or your Account Representative to set these up!



-A new Medication setting is available so you can set a default medication administration level to “Assistance” or “Self Administer depending on your community’s practices.
-When processing a pharmacy message you can add a PRN or convert a routine to a PRN.
-Changes and updates to medications will be flagged as “changes” and not “discontinues”
-Pharmacy processing updates to decrease the number of update messages queued up for review.



New filter on Transactions detail report for “Item Description”


-Job Role will display on Observations (You can set your Job Roles under the Staff Profile.)

-Multi select to print observations

Webinar Video:



The next scheduled release is July 16, 2018  

Email our team at; we’re always happy to help.