ALIS Release 3.5.0

Client Requested Enhancements! 

Lots of updates with big impact


ALIS 3.5.0 is Going Live on Monday July 16, 2018 at 12am CST.

Notice of ALIS Downtime – Please share with community staff

This release may result in ALIS slowness or downtime lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. Please plan on possible downtime or slowness around approximately 12am CST and inform your staff.  If you have any questions on how to handle this downtime please contact the Support Team at or your account representative.

How is this release different?


The last few months, our development team has been working hard to dedicate time to requests made by our communities. These improvements, bug fixes, and additions will be released over the next few weeks, you may see one of your own requests!


Meds Counted the way you need to


-Select Packaging Method: Now there will be an option to count drugs based on how they’re packaged and not exclusively by dose amount.

When should I use this? When we are receiving drugs in a bubble or blister pack. In this situation let’s say the dose is 1.5 tabs but we just want to count the packs. Now you can!
-Still not sure about ALIS Drug Count? Give us a call! We keep making improvements to ALIS Drug Count and now is the time to get another demo.
-Tiny Update: We added support for up to (and only) 2 decimal places on drug quantities in the drug count.


Care Updates


-Added a report filter for Product type to the Resident Care Summary and Resident Checklist Reports.
-Added a setting to hide the “Record PRN Care” button from the Care Tracking Page.
-We added the instructions field to the Recorded Care Report.




-Resolved an issue where many statements were being generated for each resident.
-Created a notification if you try to delete an invoice that was already deleted in another tab.
-Updated the way statements were generating for “Moved Out” residents. They’ll no longer generate if the resident has a $0.00 balance.
-We enhanced the way we allow you to tab through bulk payments. You can now do an entire bulk payment with no mouse clicks!
-The Excel export of the Transaction Details report will have all numbers set to two decimal places.
-Discounts will be named more clearly in the Transaction Details Report.




-We set filters to stick by community. This is aimed to help our administrators overseeing several communities.
-When you land on your calendar, your filters will be exposed by default if you have any set.
-Staff that are associated to multiple communities will be able to be tagged in all those communities.
-Some changes to events were not being audited. We made an update where any change to an event’s date/time will show up in the audit history.


Webinar Video:



The next scheduled release is August 20th, 2018  


Email our team at; we’re always happy to help.

We here at the ALIS team always strive to provide you with the best product while listening to your feedback.

We hope ALIS and all its new features will continue to make running your communities easier than ever.