ALIS Release 4.1.0

Celebrate Fall with ALIS


ALIS 4.1.0 goes live on November 12, 2018 at 12am CST!

Notice of ALIS Downtime – Please share with community staff

This release will result in downtime lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. Please plan on downtime around approximately 12am CST and inform your staff. If you have any questions on how to handle this downtime, please contact the Support Team at or your account representative.


Pharmacy Page Updates

The pharmacy processing page is getting its first of a few rounds of updates. In this first upgrade we’re just updating the user experience in preparation for more functionality updates.

Key Updates:

-The resident messages to map over new residents is now in its own tab

-Medication messages display more useful information

-The page looks a whole lot better, but holds the exact same functionality

-Our audit log for the pharmacy page is more detailed and user-friendly


Billing Importers Updates

We changed the formatting on our Incidental Charges import and the Recurring Charges import. An importer tool for Billing Items in the Revenue section of the Billing Settings will be available.

Key Takeaways:

-If you’re using the Recurring or Incidental charges imports, you must download them again! The formatting on them has been updated to the point where ALIS will not take the old version.

-If you’re adding in a new community we can send you an import template for all your charges, making the setup a breeze. You can also bulk add your own billing items in ALIS.


Other Upgrades

-Reports in ALIS are becoming optimized for mobile! Most of your favorite ALIS Reports will now have a enhanced mobile experience.

-The dates in the our Occupancy Report for room changes were calculating correctly, but displaying in the bottom summary incorrectly. They’ll now display as expected.

-The audit log for medications on the Manage Orders page will now display more complete information about updates to resident orders.

-Some users were experiencing an error when trying to delete orders from the MAR Editor page. It will function as intended now.


The Beginning of ALIS Medicaid Support

Full support for Medicaid billing in ALIS will come out over our next few updates. With this release, we are adding in the basic functionality needed to eventually support state Medicaid programs. Since these state programs vary widely, please reach out to us for further information to see if we support your program!


Webinar Video:



The next scheduled release is December 17, 2018


Email our team at; we’re always happy to help.

We here at the ALIS team always strive to provide you with the best product while listening to your feedback.

We hope ALIS and all its new features will continue to make running your communities easier than ever.