ALIS Release 6.2

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ALIS 6.2 arrives Monday, June 7th, 2021 @12 AM CST.

This release will result in downtime lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, taking place overnight on Monday 4/19 at approximately 12am CST.

Please plan for this downtime and inform your staff. If you have any questions on how to handle this downtime, please contact the Support Team at or your account representative.

Reminder! We recommend using Google Chrome for ALIS. This is especially important for the newer features. Other browsers will not work as well.


COVID-19 Vaccine details in ALIS Evaluations

-Going forward all COVID-19 Vaccine details will display for review at the beginning of each ALIS Evaluation!

-Look for this after the Health Profile section when you complete an Evaluation. This information includes doses, dates, uploaded certificates, and more.

Review Service Plan to display current Care Plan times


-During the Review Service Plan step, the schedule for items on the resident’s current Care Items will display.

-This makes it easier to ensure Service Plans are set up with times that match the resident’s current schedule.


Med Pass updates


-The Med Pass will sort by Administration Times in a new way. This will allow us to see the specific times on the Pass Med page!

-Some of you may already have your Pass Med page set this way. This will now be updated for everyone.

-New Order badge displays next to any orders added to a resident’s chart for one week after they are added.

Pharmacy Integrations: Update Order messages 


Update Order type messages in ALIS Pharmacies will display different details when you Process the order.

An Update Order message will default to showing the current order details that are already on the resident’s MAR. You can always switch the order to instead Use Data from the most recent pharmacy message.


More Improvements:

Uploaded Vaccine Certificates now included in the Emergency Packet along with ALIS COVID-19 Vaccine records.


-Prospects updates: Upload photos for Prospect files! Improvements to Prospect Task workflows, Prospects filters, and Prospect duplicating.

-Updated language when a Resident Profile is Readmitted.

-Staff can now see their passwords as they type them in the login screen!


Now Available: Accushield Integration to ALIS



-Accushield is an application that provides senior living communities with staff and visitor sign-in, COVID-19 screening and customizable questionnaires, printed health-verified name badges, and visitor analytics and reporting.

-This integration allows communities keep track of resident and staff information in ALIS without having to separately update Accushield.



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The next scheduled release is July 19th, 2021


Our team is always happy to help! Send your comments or questions to