Using the ALIS Rx Parser for your Pharmacy Connection

Do you ever find that your medications on the Pharmacies page are missing key scheduling details? ALIS now offers the Rx Parser, a useful filter for presenting the most detailed pharmacy messages. When we turn this filter on, your clinical team will see orders on the ALIS Pharmacies page with more complete information.

  • The details ALIS gets from the pharmacy are codes, and sometimes these codes are unique to a specific pharmacy. Without using our new filter, ALIS relies on the codes to present information on the ALIS Scheduling and Dosage section of the Pharmacy Message page, and sometimes this results in incompleteness.
  • The filter instead finds the orders instructions within the code and uses details from thousands of samples to fill in the scheduling information.

This means the orders you see are more complete and accurate, so you have to spend less time completing order details in the software!

Contact ALIS Support or your onboarding manager to turn this on and see the improvement for yourself!

For more details about processing medication order messages, read this article.


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