Using the Mail Merge Template with Prospect Reports

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Once you have created your mail merge template, you can now use it in ALIS to create mailing labels quickly and easily.

  1. Click on “Reports”
  2. Select either the Prospect Contacts, Prospect Details Report, or Referral Source Details Report
  3. Click on “Generate Mailing Labels”Mail Merge 16
  4. Click on “Choose File” and upload the mail merge template found here:  MailTemplate5160  (this template is designed to work with Avery5160 mailing labels)  Note: if clicking on this link does not work, right click and select “Save Link As”  
  5. If you want to record this activity in ALIS click the box next to “Record Activity” and choose the task type
  6. For the “Prospect Contacts” or “Prospect Details” report, you can select the option to “Print labels only for Prospects with complete address information”
  7. Click “Generate”prospectcontacts
  8. A PDF document will be created using the template. The document will contain the mailing labels which you can print out and use.
  9. When you go to print: make sure that there is no scaling or zoom selected. Print to actual size.

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