ALIS Release 3.7.0

ALIS Goes Mobile(er)


ALIS 3.7.0 drops on October 1, 2018 at 12am CST.

Notice of ALIS Downtime – Please share with community staff

This release may result in ALIS slowness or downtime lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. Please plan on possible downtime or slowness around approximately 12am CST and inform your staff.  If you have any questions on how to handle this downtime please contact the Support Team at or your account representative.


More Mobile Updates for Tablets and Smartphones


-Pass Meds on the Go: We updated the experience for med pass on mobile devices. Med pass will be much more user friendly on iPhone, Google phones, Android phones and of course Chromebooks!


-Easily navigate between routine and PRN medications. There was some trickiness using those buttons depending on screen resolution/device. That will no longer be an issue. You can easily navigate back and forth between different admin types.

-Why change the med pass? We tried to reduce the redundant information and make the entire med administration experience happen without scrolling.

-Other Mobile Updates:

Resident profile page
Care plan section
Mobile performance is continuing to be optimized throughout ALIS.




-Pulling some large reports can sometimes result in slower ALIS performance so we are optimizing some of the most data heavy reports to help prevent that.

-The Observations pdf export from the Observation Center is slightly reformatted to increase performance.

-The Recorded Care report has been optimized, the pdf printout of this report has been updated to the same style as the Observations.




-You can set the minimum interval between administrations on PRNs to be 48 hours.

-We added the ability to add only a systolic or diastolic blood pressure on a vital sign range at any time.


Other Updates


-We updated one of our Alerts, so now when an Applicant is converted to a Resident you will receive a notification.

-Our Support Team can permanently delete compliance items for you. This option is great if you upload a document to the wrong profile! -Just give us a call/email and we’ll fix that up for you

-The Work Lists page has received a change. When you navigate to that page you can select an individual Care List. When you do so, you’ll then have the option to change the order in which tasks are displayed in care tracking.

-This workflow is useful for highlighting especially important tasks. You can set something that will show right at the top of the list, regardless of scheduled time!


Webinar Video:



The next scheduled release is October 8, 2018


Email our team at; we’re always happy to help.

We here at the ALIS team always strive to provide you with the best product while listening to your feedback.

We hope ALIS and all its new features will continue to make running your communities easier than ever.