Compliance in ALIS Explained

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Compliance in ALIS Explained

On the Resident Profile page, scroll down to the “Compliance  Summary” section and click on the blue “Compliance Documents” bar. You will see a list of all documents required for this resident based on the community, company and state requirements.   Before we show you how to update compliance in ALIS, it is helpful to understand  what each area means. Below you will find explanation  around the key items in the compliance section and what they are used for.


  1. Colors explained:

    • Red – the compliance item is required and has not been updated in ALIS.
    • Yellow – the compliance item is optional and has not been updated in ALIS.
    • Green – the compliance item has been updated in ALIS.
    • Also, a red asterisk to the right of a compliance item name denotes that a document is required regardless of whether it has been completed or not.
  2. Column headings explained:
    • Compliance item – name of the compliance item given by administrators.
    • Status – this provides the status of the document in ALIS. Complete means the document is updated and loaded into ALIS. Incomplete means the document has not been updated but is loaded into ALIS. Expired means the document has been completed but has expired per the dates put into ALIS.
    • Expires On – provides  the date when the compliance item expires. Some items may never expire.
    • File Location – displays whether the document is marked as “In Cabinet”, “Uploaded” (meaning a copy is saved), or “Not Available” (meaning no document has been submitted into ALIS or marked as “In Cabinet”)
  3. Emergency and Custom Packet – this feature allows you to create a packet of the compliance documents you have  in ALIS, when you need them.  Emergency packets are pre-configured  and include the compliance items needed in an emergency  and the custom packets allow you to choose which documents you want generated.
  4. Choose File – This button allows you to select a document that has been scanned onto your computer and saved as a file.
  5. Fill Online -This button brings up a pre-populated version of the document in which you can complete the document by typing into it online. Make sure to select the “Save” button if you would just like to save a copy into ALIS to finish later, or the “Submit” button if you want to save a copy into ALIS and mark the compliance item complete. Choose this if you are filling in a compliance item that does not require a signature or if only a few changes need to be made.
  6. Options – the area where  you can take action for updating and completing compliance items.
    • Change expiration – Only available for administrators and manually updates the expiration date
    • In Cabinet – Mark the document as being on file at your community
    • Mark Required – Allows you to mark an optional compliance item as required for a specific resident
    • Mark Optional – Allows you to mark a required compliance item as optional for a specific resident
    • Hide from list – This allows you to hide compliance items from the list.
    • Pre-populated – If you need a paper signature on a document, you would click on the Pre-populated link. This will pull up the document with any information that has been previously entered.
    • Blank Template – If you click on this option a completely blank version of the compliance document will open up. This document can then be printed or saved to your computer.

Enabling Chrome PDF Viewer in Google Chrome

If you are using the Google Chrome browser,  you must complete these steps first  in order for PDFs in ALIS to pull up and print correctly.  You will need to enable the “Chrome PDF Viewer”

  1. Open the internet using the Google Chrome  browser.
  2. In the URL type chrome://plugins.
  3. Next, you will need to enable the Chrome PDF viewer by clicking on the word “Enable”.
  4. Also select the checkbox “Always allowed to run”plugins



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